Are you open to serendipity or unexpected good fortune?

2 min read

Have you ever just been in the right place at the right time and been in the position to seize the opportunity that was presented?

In business on a number of occasions I have had a chance meeting just when someone was looking for the services we could provide and developed great long term relationships based on this. I can recall onetime when I was in Brussels with a colleague who wanted to show me a new fancy hotel they had stayed in that they were raving about. We took a quick detour and walked through the lobby of the hotel. As we entered a man was walking towards me who I recognised as someone I had worked with before in Africa. He was very senior with an Automotive brand we were trying to get into so I approached him and we chatted about old times in Africa. As it turned out they were looking for help in an area that was our field and so we picked up the contract based on this chance encounter. The same person gave me an introduction to someone in Australia who became a key link to me building up a business over there.

Serendipity or potential good fortune doesn’t always come calling – there are certain things we need to do to expose ourselves to it. Likewise, when it does come we need to be ready to seize on the opportunities that it presents us with.

Are you ready for serendipity if it happens to come calling – and are you putting yourself in the optimum position to encourage it to arrive in the first place?

Let’s see.

Do you go out of your way to meet new people or attend events outside of your normal pattern?

Are you willing to let go of trying to control every aspect of a chance meeting or opportunity and instead willing to go with the flow and follow where the circumstance takes you?

If you can honestly answer yes to both of these questions, then you may be the sort of person who is more likely to be presented a serendipitous opportunity and also more likely to take advantage of it, if, and when, it presents itself.

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