Evolving with COVID Times

2 min read

In the Army they say, “no plan survives contact with the enemy”.

A year and a half in with COVID as our enemy, how are your plans surviving? Working through COVID has presented familiar challenges but the impact on our plans of mishandling them is now much greater. This is why as a leader we need to evolve with the current conditions.

More than ever we need to maximise all aspects of our sales effectiveness and be more proactive and strategic in our approach. When did your sales team last sit down and review their evolving strategy?

We need to continue to seek innovative ways to differentiate the service experience we provide – it’s too easy to drop into the trap of sameness. As customer needs and expectations have evolved through COVID are you keeping pace with the changing demands and offering a point of positive differentiation?

We need leaders and managers to get behind the new normal and create a route map the rest of the organisation is capable of following, offering support and coaching along the way. Are your staff on the ground getting the support and guidance they need to not only cope but prosper through these times?

These are just some of the checks we need to be making on an ongoing basis to ensure we are evolving with COVID times.

We continue to work with Industry leading organisations in these areas, helping them prosper and even grow. We can and will beat COVID – but only if we allow ourselves to evolve.