Embracing Change – Ten Minute Tactic

To help you with embracing change this Ten Minute Tactic will take you through the four step approach.

Answer each step as fully as you can and take the time to consider your responses. Whilst you can complete all four steps in 10 minutes, don’t worry if you need to take longer in order to go into more detail. You can also revisit this tactic again as more information and insights come to light.

Once you have completed all of the steps your responses will be emailed straight back to you.

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Step 1 - Learn to control what you can and release what you cannot

Use this Ten Minute Tactic to help identify as much as you can about the habit
• Accept the event for what it is – ‘shit happens’. Now let’s move on and take some control
• Ask yourself what Outcome would you like to the change event? | • What response from you is most likely to lead to this outcome?

Step 2 – look for the bright spots

You can create an empowering list of potential positives if you ask yourself the following questions:

Step 3 – Harness the power of pretending

How would a role model who could turn this change around behave?
These are the actions and behaviours you need to embrace, in order to pre-tend and turn these into your future reality. Enjoy the stretch. A comfort zone stretched never returns to its smaller form

Step 4 - Acknowledge your fear – but don’t be controlled by it

What are you most frightened of?
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