Breaking bad habits – Ten Minute Tactic
To help you with breaking bad habits this Ten Minute Tactic will take you through the six step approach. Answer each step as fully as you can and take the time to consider your responses. Whilst you can complete all four steps in 10 minutes, don’t worry if you need to take longer in order to go into more detail. You can also revisit this tactic again as more information and insights come to light. Once you have completed all of the steps your responses will be emailed straight back to you.
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Step 1 - Recognize and relate to them

Use this Ten Minute Tactic to help identify as much as you can about the habit

Step 2 – Understand their role

Step 3 – Get down to the roots

Step 4 - The Switch

Now let’s find some replacements. Brainstorm a list of possible habit substitutes or switches here – try and come up with at least 5 for each bad habit you are looking to change. Remember your switches need to require a similar amount of effort – albeit in a different direction to the habit you are looking to change and offer broadly similar benefits or rewards – even if they are in a different form. Now we need to evaluate them. Based on the criteria above give your suggestions a 1-10 rating so that you can create a priority order to identify the most suitable replacement that is most likely to work.

Step 5 - Think about your habit triggers

Step 6 – Dealing with setbacks

Don’t give up. If you slip up, learn from it and refine your approach – and keep at it!

Further support

Step 7 – I didn’t think there was a step 7?

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