I wrote Ten Minute Tactics© to offer readers a simple, psychologically backed approach to improving personal and professional outcomes, by setting well-structured goals and objectives and integrating them into normal busy routines.

Ten Minute Tactics© draws on some of the latest thinking around personal drive, effective change and creating positive habits, and brings these together into a simple, easy to follow process.

The questions you need to ask yourself are – do I want to:

  • move future goals and aspirations from dreams to reality?
  • improve personal and professional productivity?
  • work on meaningful goals and fit them around normal home and business routines?
  • understand how to fully embrace and enjoy the journey while working towards future objectives?
  • integrate the latest thinking around performance improvement and change, seamlessly into my life?
  • achieve the sort of results I know I’m capable of but have yet to achieve?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Ten Minute Tactics© is for you.


The App is coming…

I’m creating an app that will help you manage and maintain your Ten Minute Tactics©. The app will allow you to set Ten Minute Tactic© reminders during the day, update personal action plans, evaluate the effectiveness of actions being taken and connect with other Ten Minute Tactic© users.

Watch this space for more details and sign up below so I can let you know when it’s available.